30KG UAV 10L Pesticide Tank Agriculture Spraying Drone

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: NLA610
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Box
Delivery Time: 15~25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100sets/month.
Type: UAV Drone For Agriculture Pesticide Tank: 10L
Spray Flow: 1.2~2L/min Spray Efficiency: 1500~2400sqm/min
Expand Size: 1495*1308*500mm Wheelbase: 1404mm
Folded Size: 945*848*500mm Rotor: 6
High Light:

10L Agriculture Spraying Drone


UAV Agriculture Spraying Drone


30KG uav drone

UAV Drone For Agriculture NLA610 Agricultural Spraying Drone 10L Pesticide Tank

Quick start

1) Stable--Flight controller Dual CPU configuration, Triple redundant IMU, Dual redundant barometer;

2) Efficient--NLA6 spraying drone: 11-18 acres/hour.
3) Effective--Each nozzle is under the propeller, the chemical fog can be directly pressed to all levels of the crop by the strong air flow generated by the propellers.
4) Intelligent
a). One-key take off & land, autonomous fly with way points controlled by Mobile phone APP;

b). Low voltage, no signal, return automatically;

c). Fail safe protection;

d). Spray flow control;

e). Intelligent automatic obstacle avoidance;

f). Intelligent terrain following;

g). FPV Camera;

h). RTK centimeter positioning.
5) Quality control
Every drone is tested and has to pass through a rigorous quality control test to confirm it meets the highest standards in performance and durability.
6) Easy to maintain and repair
We have office and engineer in Indonesia and India, we supply local service in this countries. We always utilize high grade components. The parts are interchangeable and can be replaced by customer self, therefore the maintenance costs are very low.
7) Good service
Customers can get free training in our company; Remote on-line video technical support; One year warranty for drone frame and three months for wearing parts.


Model NLA410 NLA416 NLA610 NLA616
Rotor 4 4 6 6

Hovering accuracy


+/- 1.5m +/- 1.5m +/- 1.5m +/- 1.5m

Hovering accuracy


+/- 0.5m +/- 0.5m +/- 0.5m +/- 0.5m
Wind resistance 4~5 4~5 4~5 4~5
Motor 4*100KV 4*110KV 6*180KV 6*100KV
Electronic Speed Control 80A 120A 80A 80A
Motor applicable temperature -20~50 -20~50 -20~50 -20~50
Foldable propeller 3090 3411 2388 3090
Pesticide Tank 10L 16L 10L 16L
Take-off Capacity 28kg 38kg 30kg 42kg
Flying Time (with payload) 10~15min 10~15min 10~15min 10~15min
Flying distance 5000m 5000m 5000m 5000m
Working distance 2000m 2000m 2000m 2000m
Flying Speed 0~10m/s 0~10m/s 0~10m/s 0~10m/s
Spray Width 3~3.5m 3~3.5m 3.5~4m 3.5~4m
Spray Flow 1.2~2L/min 1.2~2L/min 1.2~2L/min 1.2~2L/min
Spray Efficiency 1000~2100sqm/min 1000~2100sqm/min 1500~2400sqm/min 1500~2400sqm/min
Expand Size 1075*1075*490mm 1100*1100*560mm 1495*1308*500mm 1720*1500*556mm
Wheelbase 1393mm 1400mm 1404mm 1628mm
Folded Size 635*666*490mm 640*670*560mm 945*848*500mm 1073*956*546mm
Battery / Quantity 6S/16000mAh / 2pcs 6S/22000mAh / 2pcs 6S/16000mAh / 2pcs 6S 22000mAh / 2pcs


Model NLA622 NLA630 NLA650
Rotor 6 6 8

Hovering accuracy


+/- 1.5m +/- 1.5m +/- 1.5m

Hovering accuracy


+/- 0.5m +/- 0.5m +/- 0.5m
Wind resistance 4~5 4~5 4~5
Electronic Speed Control      
Motor applicable temperature -20~50 -20~50 -20~50
Foldable propeller      
Pesticide Tank 22L 30L 50L
Take-off Capacity      
Flying Time (with payload) 15~20min 15~20min 15~20min
Flying distance 5000m 5000m 5000m
Working distance 2000m 2000m 2000m
Flying Speed 0~10m/s 0~10m/s 0~10m/s
Spray Width 3.5~4m 3.5~4.5m 3.5~5m
Spray Flow 1.5~2.5L/min 1.5~2.5L/min 1.5~3L/min
Spray Efficiency      
Expand Size      
Folded Size      
Battery / Quantity 6S 22000mAh / 2pcs 6S 30000mAh / 2pcs 12S 27000mAh / 2pcs
FPV Camera Optional Optional Optional
Obstacle avoidance radar Optional Optional Optional
Terrain following radar Optional Optional Optional
RTK centimeter positioning Optional Optional Optional


30KG UAV 10L Pesticide Tank Agriculture Spraying Drone 0


APP Ground Workstation


1. Android system mobile phone ground workstation, Control and adjust drone’s flying parameter, provide google map, check FPV video.

2. It support hand held GPS dot device,RTK dot device,Drone GPS dot and Map for choosing, set up Automatic, semi-automatic AB working mode, flying height, spray mode, flight line spacing, flying speed, Terrain following, automatic obstacle avoidance, course adjustment, fail-sail back.

3. Query job record, flight time, spray width, dose etc.


Ground defense radar

The ground defense radar uses millimeter-wave radar technology. Through the continuous scanning of the radar, the drone can sense the terrain change of the flight direction and adjust the flight height in time according to the terrain and the crop height to realize the ground defense flight and ensuring uniform spraying in flight. Ground defense radar has stable detection performance and good environment practicality, strong anti-interference ability, not affected by light, far detection distance, with all-weather and all-day characteristics.


1. Strong anti-interference ability and good environmental applicability.

2. Strong penetration, not affected by light.

3. Stable performance with detection range of 15m.

4. Power saving and efficient, total power consumption is only 1.5W 4. 5. All day work.

6. Small in size and light in weight.


Obstacle avoidance radar

The obstacle avoidance radar is mainly used to measure the relative distance between the drone and the obstacle in front of the flight, so as to effectively avoid the obstacle. Obstacle avoidance radar adopts 24GHZ radar technology, which can work all-weather under the environment of strong light, high temperature, fog, dust, wind and night. Its sensitivity is high, the detection distance is long, the signal transmission is fast and stable, and it can detect a diagonal pull of more than 1cm Electric wires, small trees with 10cm trunks, 1.7m high people and 15cm electric poles, have a good obstacle avoidance function for high-speed running drones, and are very suitable for plant protection drones to operate in complex outdoor environments.


1. All day work

2. Far detection distance

3. Signal transmission is fast and stable

4. High sensitivity

5. Strong environmental adaptability


J-RTK centimeter-level precision positioning system

The J-RTK is a new generation of high-precision navigation and positioning system. It uses real-time dynamic differential technology to improve the three-dimensional positioning accuracy from meters to centimeters. It makes up for the deficiencies of traditional GPS and barometer solutions, and provides accurate and reliable positioning solutions for high-precision applications. J-RTK has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and strong anti-magnetic interference. It can also ensure reliable operation in the environment of strong magnetic interference such as high-voltage lines and metal buildings.


1. High sensitivity, stable and reliable.

2. Dual antennas with high precision orientation and strong anti-magnetic interference.

3. Centimeter-level positioning accuracy, powerful multi-path effect and interference suppression technology.

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