ISO9001 2000mAh To 38000mAh 6S 12S 14S UAV Battery

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NLD
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: NB22000
Minimum Order Quantity: 2sets
Price: Negotible
Packaging Details: Carton
Supply Ability: 5000pcs/month
Materail: Lithium Number: 6S
Capacity: 22000mAh Voltage: 22.2v
High Light:

14S UAV Battery


38000mAh UAV Battery


2000mAh 6s lithium ion battery

High Capacity Lithium Battery for UAV 6S 12S 14S from 12000mAh to 38000mAh


Quick details:

Lithium Battery 6S

Capacity: 22000mAh

Discharge rate: 25C

Connector:: AS150

ISO9001 2000mAh To 38000mAh 6S 12S 14S UAV Battery 0


  Capacity (mAh) Discharge rate Voltage Size (mm) Weight (kg)
NB12S 16000        
NB12S 22000        
NB12S 20000        
NB12S 1P 30000        
NB12S 2P 38000        
NB12S 12000        
NB12S 14000        
NB12S 17500        
NB12S 20000        
NB12S 27000        
NB12S 16000        
NB12S 18000        
NB6S 16000 25C 22.2V 195*75*77 2.215
NB6S 22000 25C 22.2V 220*90*77 3.015
NB6S 38000 15C 22.8V 235*110*82 4.58
NB6S 12000 25C 22.2V 195*75*58 1.735
NB6S 14000 25C 22.2V 242*68*56 1.965
NB6S 17500 25C 22.2V 190*105*58 2.355
NB6S 20000 25C 22.2V 220*90*65 2.535
NB6S 27000 20C 22.2V 240*99*68 3.335
NB6S 16000 25C 22.8V 195*78*64 1.880
NB6S 18000 25C 22.8V 210*71*73 2.165
NB6S 20000 25C 22.8V 238*81*56 2.436
NB6S intelligent 12000        
NB6S intelligent 16000        
NB6S Intelligent 22000        



Battery connector

Balance charging connector

XT60 / XT90 / AS150 

ISO9001 2000mAh To 38000mAh 6S 12S 14S UAV Battery 1


Capacity characteristics of lithium-ion batteries

The capacity test obtains the relationship between the discharge voltage and the capacity of the lithium-ion battery at different rates. The voltage of the lithium-ion battery during the entire discharge process can be divided into 3 stages:

1) The terminal voltage of lithium-ion battery drops rapidly in the initial stage, the greater the discharge rate, the faster the voltage drop;

2) The battery voltage enters a stage of slow change. This period of time is called the platform area of the battery. The smaller the discharge rate, the longer the platform area lasts. The higher the platform voltage, the slower the voltage drop. In the actual use of lithium-ion batteries, it is best to hope that the batteries work in the platform area;

3) When the battery is nearly discharged, the battery load voltage begins to drop sharply until it reaches the discharge cut-off voltage.

The discharge current of a lithium-ion battery will directly affect the actual capacity of the battery. The greater the discharge current, the corresponding decrease in battery capacity, which indicates that the greater the discharge current, the shorter the time to reach the termination voltage. So when talking about battery capacity, you should specify its discharge current (discharge rate).



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